Ensure someone is always in the ring to fight for those at risk of Esophageal Cancer

Fight Club is a special group of ECAN supporters who donate every month to sustain life-saving work to end Esophageal Cancer. Your consistent investment ensures that you can rely on ECAN to continue to strategically build the force necessary to strengthen the power behind your advocacy and awareness efforts. Esophageal Cancer is a cunning and formidable opponent, but together, we can one day land that final blow to end EC for good.

Join the Fight Club

Provide compassionate support

Offer support groups and the latest information patients need to prevent, treat, and survive Esophageal Cancer

Spread life-saving awareness

Share a message with millions that can stop cancer before it starts: Heartburn can cause Cancer

Advocate for research funding

Fuel the momentum that’s already added more than $15 million in new federal Esophageal Cancer research funding

Though Esophageal Cancer can be prevented, it remains the #7 deadliest cancer for American men, and has tripled among young people in recent years. Together, we’ve made important progress. But so much more must happen to reach the day when nobody has to die of Esophageal Cancer. That’s why any amount you can afford to give each month is so essential to ensure that the progress we’ve made together for nearly 15 years can continue.

When you sign up, we will send you an ECAN Fight Club lapel pin and magnet so you can let the world know you are committed to the fight to end Esophageal Cancer. 

Join the Fight Club


We are deeply grateful for your commitment to ECAN!  You are under no obligation and can modify your donation at any time.

When you make a donation to ECAN online, you will promptly receive an email containing instructions for creating an account to access your donor portal. Through this portal, you will have the ability to adjust, cancel, or upgrade your monthly gift as needed.

If you have any questions about your monthly donation, please feel free to email us at info@ecan.org with your request. We will be more than happy to accommodate your needs and help you make the necessary changes. 

Yes! We appreciate all those who have made ECAN’s work possible over the years.  If you’re already a recurring donor, you are automatically enrolled in Fight Club and eligible for its benefits.