Knowledge and Comfort in Equal Measure. Every day I learn something on this site and am grateful to each and every one of you.” – Community Member

We have partnered with Smart Patients to bring the ECAN Family an online resource for information and support: the Chance to Answer your Questions

Who Is This Community For?

We offer this resource for patients and caregivers dealing with a diagnosis of Reflux Disease (GERD or LPR) or Barrett’s Esophagus or Esophageal Cancer. This community offers support and useful information from others who have walked these paths and want to help.

What Support Will You Find?

The information you receive is not a physician’s advice, but it can be very helpful. You’ll get practical information and a sense of perspective that is often lacking for patients encountering these diseases for the first time. What you will find comes from real-world experience of patients and caregivers. You never need to feel as though you are wasting anybody’s time… Everybody is here to help. There is no such thing as a stupid question. You’ll find open arms to welcome you and your questions. You will find useful information here, but this is not a substitute for medical advice.

Smart Patients also provides a very useful glossary with information about medical terms often used but rarely defined.

How Does it Work?

You can join the conversations of interest to you by asking or answering questions. The community is monitored and moderated by the Smart Patients team to maintain a safe, supportive community. A search feature lets you find conversations and stories on topics you may be interested in. You can create your own health profile that provides a shorthand explanation of your situation to the folks you are communicating with. They will be able to see your health profile by hovering over your profile picture or graphic.

You decide if you want to receive private messages from others in the community. In addition to your primary community, you might be interested in other groups that aren’t focused on a specific disease. These groups focus on folks in specific situations like caregivers, cancer survivors,  and many more.

How to Access the Community?

You can join by signing up on the form below, providing your email address. You will be prompted to create your own password which you will use each time you enter the Support Community in the future.