That’s why ECAN has focused more of our resources and energy on bringing you the details you need to make well-informed decisions about preventing, detecting, treating, curing, and surviving Esophageal Cancer.

New Animated Educational Resource

We hope you will find our series of animated educational resources and in-depth interviews with experts and patients useful in your journey to learn more about Esophageal Cancer.

Click below – each module is designed to help you understand more about Esophageal Cancer and how it can be detected, diagnosed, treated, and managed.

ECAN Webinar Series

ECAN is honored that, since early 2020, many world-renowned experts have joined us for our series of informative webinars – and we continue to host these sessions on the latest and most impactful topics for our community.

Not only do these esteemed experts share vital information to increase our knowledge, but they are generous with their time and take questions from our audience to help all participants fully understand the latest developments important to those at risk for Esophageal Cancer.

You can watch the recordings of all of our webinars HERE  – and sign up below to be informed when new events are scheduled.

The Latest Research

Look to ECAN to bring you the latest on medical breakthroughs and developments that impact patients at risk for Esophageal Cancer. See our posts on medical research HERE and sign up below to receive periodic email messages with important updates.