This animation provides an overview of the treatment and management of Esophageal Cancer. The treatment plan for Esophageal Cancer is based on your diagnosis, including the type and stage of cancer. Watch to learn about treatments including endoscopic therapy, chemotherapyradiationtargeted therapyimmunotherapysurgery (esophagectomy), and clinical trials. You can also learn about nutritionmental health supportexercisesymptom relief, and survivorship care after treatment ends.

This Esophageal Cancer Action Network (ECAN) resource is designed to provide important information for patients at risk for Esophageal Cancer and members of the public who want to know more. You will find expert advice about the prevention, detection, and treatment of Esophageal Cancer to help patients discuss key issues with their healthcare providers and make important decisions related to management and treatment. Easy-to-understand animations with audio narration, expert video explanations, and patient experience videos are available to you.

We hope this information will be useful to you, but it is not a substitute for the medical advice of your doctor. If you have questions or feedback, please let us know.

Expert Videos

How is
Esophageal Cancer treated?

What opportunities do clinical trials
offer patients?

Can Stage I Esophageal Cancer be effectively treated without surgery?

What is the role of esophagectomy in the treatment of Esophageal Cancer?

What issues are faced by patients who undergo esophagectomy?

Patient Videos

Once diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer, how did your treatment journey begin?

As a Stage IV Esophageal Cancer patient, how were you able to access surgery?

What happened when you experienced a recurrence of your Esophageal Cancer?

Snapshot of Dana’s
Esophageal Cancer Journey

What was the path of your Esophageal Cancer journey?

How was your recovery from surgery from Esophageal Cancer?

What advice do you have for patients undergoing treatment for Esophageal Cancer?

What advice do you have for patients diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer?