You and Thousands of ECAN Advocates Made Millions Available for Esophageal Cancer Research in 2020 and 2021!

Thanks to you and thousands of ECAN advocates, Esophageal Cancer was included in the Department of Defense (DoD) Peer-Reviewed Cancer Research Program (PRCRP) for the first time in FY 2020.  As a result, in Esophageal Cancer researchers were able to apply for $110 million in available research funding along with researchers in other cancers included in the program. We expect to find out shortly just how much funding Esophageal Cancer researchers accessed through their 2020 applications and what that funding will be directed toward.

Last year, Congress voted to include Esophageal Cancer in the PRCRP once again – this time appropriating $115 million for the PRCRP.  Esophageal Cancer researchers will begin submitting their grant proposals to the program in the coming months.   In the meantime, ECAN is hosting a webinar for researchers to learn about how they can access this funding.  Researchers are encouraged to register for this webinar here.

Find out more about the Peer-Reviewed Cancer Research Program and how Esophageal Cancer qualifies by clicking here.

Take Action Now to Make Millions More Available in 2022!

While getting in the program for the first time was a huge win, and the second year was a great success, this is just the beginning.  Each year, Congress is required to re-write the list of cancers that are eligible for research funding under the program.  Representatives Peter DeFazio (D-OR) and Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) will again spearhead a campaign in the U.S. House of Representatives to keep Esophageal Cancer included as a disease eligible for funding under the PRCRP.

For Esophageal Cancer to be included once again members of Congress must make a specific request to the Appropriations Subcommittees in both Chambers that decide this issue.  In the House, Representatives do that by signing on to the letter spearheaded by Reps. DeFazio and Loudermilk.  Most Representatives make their decisions about whether to sign that letter based on whether voters in their district – voters like YOU – ask them.

The deadline for Representatives to sign on to the letter supporting the inclusion of Esophageal Cancer
is just days away!

We must gain all of our signatures on the letter by March 15

Deadline extended to April 23rd!

Our easy-to-use platform takes just a couple of minutes for you to send a pre-written e-message.

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