Here’s How You Can Help…


Discover the process required by your state by clicking here. Most states provide a dedicated web portal to submit a request.  In states that request that you send an email, feel free to use our  Sample Proclamation Request to help you draft your email request. You can download the sample, personalize it with the details of your story, and email it to the contact provided at the link for your state that you will find on our state-by-state page.


Whether you send an email or fill out an online form on your state’s website, every submission should include the suggested 2024 Esophageal Cancer Awareness Month Proclamation.  Please download the sample language and update all of the sections you will find highlighted in red with the appropriate information for your state. Once you have updated the document, save it on your computer and then upload it with your submission.

Some states require additional information such as statistics about Esophageal Cancer (see Esophageal Cancer Facts 2024). They may want information about the organization you are working with (see about ECAN.)  Some states also require scientific evidence that the statements made in the proclamation are accurate (see Citations re Esophageal Cancer Facts.)  We suggest that, even in states that don’t make an explicit request for this information, it is a good idea to include these fact sheets.  You can download and save the documents on your computer. That makes it easy to upload them to the appropriate site or attach them to your email along with the sample proclamation language.


You will note that we’ve indicated the timing required by various states. If no timing is noted, your state may not have a timing requirement. Since most states with web portals ask you to provide the date by which you need your proclamation, we recommend that you count forward from the date you are submitting your request, adding the amount of time the state requires to process your request. So if you are sending your request on March 15, and your state requires 30 days lead time, ask for your proclamation by April 15. Don’t worry if the Proclamation comes later in the month; a Proclamation made on April 29th raises just as much awareness as one made on March 29th.


If you make a request, some states will schedule a special ceremony to sign the Proclamation making April Esophageal Cancer Awareness Month. If it is at all possible for you or someone you know to attend such a ceremony, we ask that you make a request for a formal signing ceremony.  Not only is it a great experience for you as an Esophageal Cancer advocate, but it will also give you a fantastic photo op! (And we love to share your pics!)  A public signing ceremony also increases the chance that the Proclamation will gain public attention.  If you successfully make such a request, once a ceremony is scheduled please let us know at so that we can share the date with our larger ECAN family.


Once you submit your request, please send us an email with details about your proclamation request at  We would be honored if you would include a couple of paragraphs about why Esophageal Cancer Awareness matters to you and will be thrilled to receive a photo that illustrates your motivation.

We are keeping track of our progress in Painting the US Periwinkle on a very cool, interactive online map.  When you let us know you have applied for a proclamation in your state, we will paint your state ECAN Green to indicate that your state is in play – and if you share your story and photo – we can include that information on our map as well!

Once you are notified that the Proclamation has been or will be issued, please email us again at When you do, we will paint your state Periwinkle to indicate that your state has honored your request and an Esophageal Cancer Awareness Month Proclamation has been made! We always find it so exciting to watch the country covered in Powerful Periwinkle in April!  And once you get a copy of the Proclamation, we would love to get a photo of you holding the Proclamation, too!


While a Proclamation is great – it only has life-saving power if we share information about Esophageal Cancer with the public.  So we ask that once your Proclamation request has been confirmed, please send a news release to media outlets in your state (TV, radio, daily and weekly newspapers, and online news sources like Patch). Our sample EC Awareness Month News Release for Proclamations can help you craft this important message – but please don’t forget to include your personal story.  Your experience with Esophageal Cancer will help media outlets understand the true human toll this devastating disease extracts from so many families.  After you’ve sent your new release, we recommend that you call to make sure it was received and reviewed by the staff of the media outlets you’ve contacted.  If you would like some assistance, we welcome an email to us at and we’ll look over your draft and make suggestions. We have a lot of experience gaining coverage for EC Awareness Month and are happy to provide any assistance you think you may need.


If you have any questions or concerns, or simply want to talk with someone about your efforts, please email or call 410-358-3226.

We are here to help!