ECAN is proud to launch a new, personalized service to match Esophageal Cancer patients with the best Clinical Trial for their situation in partnership with Massive Bio.

Clinical Trials may offer Esophageal Cancer patients with the best opportunity for effective treatment by providing new therapies not yet available to the public. But the process of understanding which clinical trials would be best for a patient and those for which they may qualify can be complicated and confusing. That is why ECAN has partnered with Massive Bio to provide a free, personalized Clinical Trial Matching Service for patients diagnosed with Esophageal, Gastroesophageal, and GE Junction Cancer.

Learn more about and sign up for ECAN’s new, free service HERE.

In the webinar below, you will learn more about Clinical Trials and the new, free, AI-driven Matching Service that ECAN and Massive Bio offer. Dr. Arturo Loaiza- Bonilla, Massive Bio’s Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer provides insight into the way clinical trials work and explains how our free Clinical Trial Matching Service might help you or someone you love.