These are challenging times.  And we at ECAN are keeping our focus trained on the positive difference we can make in the world.  That’s the powerful lesson we learned from our dear friend Stacy Alexander.

Two years ago, we were honored to be invited to a beautiful, surprise celebration of that amazing woman.  Stacy Alexander was a mother of nine and a seven-year survivor of Esophageal Cancer – and she was reaching an important milestone. Stacy was turning 50.  We hope you will be as moved by her uplifting story as we have been.

Sadly, within six months, we lost Stacy to the beast we know as Esophageal Cancer.  But Stacy left an indelible mark on this world – her relentless advocacy for patients, her positive approach to her own diagnosis, and her never-ending love for all those around her is a legacy that will last forever.

That’s why it was natural that we thought of Stacy as ECAN was preparing to wage our fiercest battle yet against Esophageal Cancer using the best weapon we have – increased awareness.  It is why we have dubbed that campaign Stacy’s Army.

Although our best and boldest plans for Stacy’s Army will have to wait until the pandemic no longer restricts our movements, we are preparing some safe, new initiatives for our Stacy’s Army troops in 2021.

We hope you will consider enlisting in our fight.

Find out more about Stacy’s Army

As we reflect on Stacy’s uplifting story and keep our cherished memories of her in our hearts, we send a wish that you and yours will find reason for hope in your life, as well.