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Striking the Match
Thanks to the generosity of ECAN supporters, we met a challenge set by a grateful Esophageal Cancer survivor.  Our generous donor pledged to match, dollar for dollar, every donation made to ECAN during the month of April – up to $25,000.  This special campaign raised more than $25,000 for ECAN’s fight against Esophageal Cancer.  Our matching donor’s contribution brings the total raised to more than $50,000!  That is a great way to observe Esophageal Cancer Awareness Month!

Sparking a Change
Because we struck the match, ECAN now has the funds needed to move forward with an exciting, new initiative to spark important change. ECAN is planning a petition to the FDA to require warning labels on anti-reflux medications.  We believe that if more reflux sufferers understood their risk for Esophageal Cancer, many cases could be prevented or caught early enough to save lives.

Link between Reflux Disease and Esophageal Cancer
The majority of Esophageal Cancer cases in the U.S. and other western countries begin with a condition called Barrett’s Esophagus.  This change in the esophagus is caused by reflux disease.  But Barrett’s Esophagus presents no symptoms and it’s believed that millions of American are completely unaware that they have the condition.

A Way to Save Lives
That’s why ECAN believes it is important to inform members of the public about the link between reflux disease and Esophageal Cancer.  If the reflux medications Americans spend billions of dollars on each year provided a warning, we believe more cases of Esophageal Cancer could be prevented or detected at early, treatable stages – and many lives could be saved.

Get Involved
We will need your support once this campaign is underway.  Sign up to be an ECAN advocate and we will be in touch with information about what you can do to fight Esophageal Cancer through this effort – and many others!