Just The Facts


  • Esophageal Cancer is 3 – 4 times more common in men than women
  • The incidence of Esophageal Cancer increases with age – about eight out of ten people diagnosed are between ages 55 and 85
  • The American Cancer Society estimated that during 2008, 16,470 new cases of Esophageal Cancer cases would be diagnosed in the United States and 14,280 deaths from esophageal cancer would occur – more deaths than those expected to be caused by melanoma
  • Most people with Esophageal Cancer will eventually die of this disease because Esophageal Cancer is usually diagnosed at a late stage
  • Survival rates are improving: 45 years ago, only 4% of all white patients and 1% of all African-American patients survived at least 5 years after diagnosis versus 18% of white patients and 11% of African-American patients who now survive at least 5 years after diagnosis


Reference Information from the American Cancer Society

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