turkey-trot-info-blockECAN has three special offers for you as GERD Awareness Week approaches

That’s because Raising Awareness about the Link
between GERD and Esophageal Cancer
Saves Lives 

Spread the Word

Get our GERD Awareness Week posters and share a life-saving message at your workplace, coffee shop, grocery store, place of worship or anywhere else you can reach folks who need to understand the risk posed by reflux.  The posters are free, we just ask that you pick up the tab for shipping.  Order yours now.Taking Steps to Save Lives Front V2

Get a Move On

Take Steps to Save Lives on Thanksgiving by participating in a Turkey Trot to fight Esophageal Cancer.  When you do, we will send you a free, moisture-wicking shirt with the life-saving message “Heartburn can cause Cancer” on the back!  Click here to find out more or just go ahead and sign up by clicking here.  

The Shirt on Your Back

Don’t want to do the Turkey Trot to fight Esophageal Cancer – but you still want the shirt?  These great moisture-wicking athletic shirts are just $15 in November.  That’s $10 less than the regular price for an adult shirt!  And we’ve got them for the tiniest tykes, youth, women and even have men’s sizes up to XXXL!  Order yours by clicking here now!